Canine watersports SATURDAY - Lindy Martin Photography


by Lindy Martin

Dock diving dogs are captured in intricate detail with a focus on their amazing agility and of course, the water. Fetlocks and hoofs are captured in high resolution and demonstrate the fast action of a team cornering down the track. All the galleries are specific to different events. To book Lindy for an event or special occasion, please click here.

Photos are listed in ascending order of time of each run. Pet photography is great fun and thank you for letting me "shoot your dog!" All photos are available for downloading. THERE IS A DEAL PRICE for 6 photos or more. At six and over, the price drops by 30% and payment has to be by e-transfer or paypal. Please contact me if your are getting more than six images.

Pricing and resolution differences:

Low resolution is for small screens like iPads, computers, prints up to around 5x7. $10.50

High resolution pictures are for better detail and can be printed up to 16 x 20 without loss of detail. This is the most common option which people use for printing for home. $ 15.00

Original high resolution gives you the best detail and allows you to print up to billboard size. These are the best quality and give the greatest detail for banners, posters, and displays. $18.00. Some images have been cropped to give a greater focus on something important. This does change the size of the file.

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