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About Lindy Martin

I have worked hard to master a range of specialized techniques and applications used in different types of photographic opportunities and situations. My photography has won a number of awards and is prominently displayed in homes, on the web, various web blogs, and in commercial establishments. My passion is wildlife and nature photography. You can view and purchase some of my best and favourite photos by selecting a category in the menu.

Photographing pets is at the core of my business. I specialize in spectacular canine action photography during competitions that incorporates incredible detail and captures the energy and vitality of the moment. Another specialty is shooting intimate family pet portraits. My success in photographing animals in action and portraits comes in part because of my extensive career in the veterinary sector. Life-long experience observing and dealing with animals has provided me with the greatest gift of all: the ability to work with any animal by creating a safe and comfortable environment. My “subjects” instinctively seem to know that the person behind the camera is a person they can trust. I take pride in showcasing their character, personality, and the nature of their relationship to their humans no matter what the setting. My backdrops are all natural whether it is outdoors or on the pet’s home turf.

My success in canine action photography has led to photoshoots for heavy horse carriage racing, muscle cars, drag racing, track bikes, and motorcycle action photos. Capturing speed and movement is a delicate and demanding art and the challenge is always to portray the energy and immediacy of the subject. Couple that with phenomenal detail in each image, my viewers get an adrenalin rush from remembering that specific moment in time.

Now you know a little bit about who I am and what I accomplish each time I take a photograph. Let’s get together to capture your passion! Thank you for viewing my work. Special requests are always welcomed and considered. Just click here to contact me.

My Passion

Appreciating and protecting natural habitats is important to me. I believe that future generations may not be able to witness the same species and habitats that I see and appreciate. I’m determined to capture the beauty that surrounds us and make those images available for others to enjoy. My passion is documenting wildlife, landscapes, waterways, forests, and of course, animals. I’ve been fortunate to walk with the grizzlies on Canada’s west coast, watch bald eagles soar and fight over the frozen lake waters of Eastern Ontario, and view Ontario’s waterfalls in the early morning mists against the backdrop of some glorious fall colours. I have walked through the canyons of the Southwest and seen rock formations that don’t exist in any other part of the world. Bryce Canyon is a magical place, from the floors of the canyon to the pinnacles of the hoodoos. What a wonderful world for the inquisitive. I have a profound respect for all living creatures and their habitats, and hope their beauty and the awe they inspire are evident in my work. If you are looking for a specific type of image, please contact me as only a small portion of my full portfolio is available online. Lindy Martin

To learn more or book a shoot, contact Lindy Martin.

Awards and Exhibits

St. Lawrence Parks 2008

Clic Eastern Ontario Photo 2011

Frontenac Art for the Arches 2012

Sandy Pines 2011,2012

Eastern Ontario Photo Competition 2013

Thousand Islands Life Magazine, Dec 2013

Thousand islands life magazine December 2014

Thousand islands life magazine December 2015

Thousand Islands Life December 2016

Thousand Island Life Magazine December 2017

Providence Care Hospital Permanent Gallery 2015  (3 images)

Canadian Wildlife Blog October 2016 -Grizzlies

Canadian Wildlife Tundra swans

Hinterlands Whos Who Grizzlies

Gold - thousand Islands Life Magazine

Pureform Health Advertisements

Kingston General Hospital Gallery

Canadian Geographic 2017 Falcons

Gallery Raymond Kingston

Cornerstone Canadian Fine Arts and Crafts


all awards

Lindy Martin

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